Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan


Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan available at #Nordstrom

I went to Nordstrom yesterday to alter a bridesmaid dress and whoops happened to stumble upon their lovely sale rack mmm. I came across this “Cape sweater” and knew I had to have it in my life the second I felt the inside material. Imagine your softest teddy bear sewn into a cute sweater and voila that’s what this is!

I bought it in the olive green color attached as that’s one of those colors that just draws me in…kind of like when I see “pesto” or “brie” on a menu, it’s really hard for me to say no! :/

Original price: $58 marked down to $39 –> It’s still on Nordies website for the sale price, so don’t wait too long!

Picture taken from “Fashionable Me”‘s page on Pinterest


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